Completing A Home Expansion Project? How To Upgrade Your Heating System


When it comes to home additions, an upgrade to the heating system is often the last thing on the homeowner's mind. However, any time you add on to your home, it's essential you make an update to your heating system if you want to ensure the new area is warmed. To ensure you have seamless heat delivery throughout your home, learn more about the options you have to upgrade your heating system to support your new addition.

Complete Replacement

Depending on the size of the home expansion project you complete, a complete replacement of your existing unit might be necessary. The heating capacity of a heating system is defined based on its British Thermal Units (BTU) rating, which is a system that measures the amount of energy necessary to raise the temperature of water at least one-degree Fahrenheit. 

In terms of the connection between the size of your home and the BTU rating of the heating unit, the greater the square footage of the home, the higher the BTU rating needs to be. If the size of the addition brings your home's total square footage to a total that surpasses the necessary BTU rating of your existing heating system, you may need to upgrade to a new system.

Zone Unit Installation

A zone unit installation is another option to consider for a home expansion project, especially for those projects that are on the smaller side, such as adding a bedroom or small bathroom. Zone units are designed to heat a single area and are small in size. 

They don't typically require duct access and can be installed very quickly. These units operate very similarly to a space heater in terms of the amount of heat delivery they offer, but they are more energy-efficient and they are far less dangerous.  

Unit Expansion

If your existing unit has a BTU rating that can accommodate the size of the addition, you can consider a unit expansion. With this option, your existing heating system stays in place. To deliver the heat to the new addition, an HVAC technician expands or reworks, your existing duct system to allow heat delivery to the new area.

In terms of cost, this option is far more effective than a total system replacement. However, it's essential you make sure the unit is properly sized. Otherwise, even with the addition to the ductwork, the added space won't be warmed properly.

Fortunately, an HVAC professional can help you choose the right unit for your home's needs. Contact a heating system installation professional for assistance. 


7 April 2020

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