Is It Time To Replace Your AC Unit? Consider These 3 Factors


An AC unit is a vital investment in many homes. While it is made to last for a long time, you will eventually have to replace yours. So, the hardest part comes when you have to decide whether it needs replacement or repair. Remember that every situation is not the same, and some factors will come into play. That said, before making any hasty decisions, consider the following factors and engage an AC replacement expert. They will inspect your unit to decide whether it needs repair or replacement.

Below are a few factors you should consider before replacing your unit.

The Number Of Repairs To Your Unit

Your AC system can last a long time, but not forever. Therefore, before investing in another unit, it is important to consider the number of times your current one has been repaired. An AC contractor can help you know the exact age of your unit, its make, and its model. All these factors will help the expert determine the unit's effectiveness before changing it. If it's more than a decade old, you will likely have to get a new one. 

The Type Of Coolant In Your Unit

Most AC units that are almost twenty years old use the R-22 Freon, which has been discontinued for more eco-friendlier alternatives. This means that the price of a new unit will increase drastically. For this reason, consider the cost of the coolant when deciding whether to repair or replace your unit. Engage an AC specialist if you are unsure about the type of Freon your unit uses.

The Efficiency Of Your Unit

Your AC could be behind your high energy bills. While replacing your unit may be costly, it will make more financial sense. Besides, there are newer multi-speed AC units that are more energy efficient. They have more features and will make your home cozier. So, it is wiser to replace the entire unit and get one with a higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). This is the unit used to quantify the energy efficiency of an AC. A licensed AC contractor can help you determine your unit's efficiency and help install a new one for you. 

Determining whether to fix or replace your AC can be tricky. However, by considering the above simple factors, you can make an informed decision. Remember to also get in touch with an experienced home air conditioning installation technician to get sound AC advice.

Reach out to an air conditioning services company to learn more.


25 August 2022

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