3 Problems That Can Prevent Your AC System From Shutting Off


Central air conditioning is a great feature to have in your home as long as it is working properly, but central air conditioners can experience problems. If your AC system seems to be running constantly and will not stop running, your house may end up getting way too cold. This is a common type of problem, and it is usually caused by one of three things. You can try checking these things to see if you can find the problem, or you could call an AC repair company to fix the issue for you.

The Thermostat Is Bad

The thermostat in your house controls the operations of your central AC system. If the system is not shutting off at all, it could very well be a problem with the thermostat. Fortunately, this is typically an easy problem to diagnose. To find out if your thermostat is bad, you can first try turning up the temperature on it. If it is set at 75 degrees, turn it up to 80 degrees or higher. If your house is cooler than this, it should cause your AC system to shut off.

If the system does not shut off after turning it up, switch the thermostat from on or auto to the off position. This should cause the AC system to shut off instantly, but this will only work properly if the thermostat is working as it should be. After trying these steps, you may discover that your thermostat is bad. If it is bad, it will not be able to communicate with your AC system, which could cause the system to run continuously.

To fix the problem, an AC repair technician would have to replace the thermostat and make sure it is wired in properly. If the thermostat is not bad, there is a chance the problem is being caused by a short in one of the wires that connect the thermostat to the system.

It Has A Bad Contactor

Your AC system has numerous parts, and one main part is the condenser, which is located outside of your house. On the condenser, there is a switch called a contactor. This switch controls the condenser by communicating with the thermostat. When the temperature in your house reaches the desired level, the thermostat sends a signal to the contactor. The contactor then tells the AC system to shut off.

The problem with contactors is they can wear out over time. If the contactor is bad, it will not make the system shut off when it is needed. The system will just continue running, because there is nothing telling it to shut off.

An AC repair technician can test the contactor to determine if it is working. If it is not, he or she can replace it with a new one.

Fan Relay Is Stuck

Your system should also have a fan relay in it, which is a switch that controls the fan motor blower. The blower is used to circulate cool air through your home, but it may have problems shutting off if the fan relay is stuck closed. A fan relay is used also for communicating between the components of a central AC system. Fixing this problem involves replacing this switch.

These are the most common reasons an AC system would continue running even when the house reaches the desired temperature, which is why an AC repair company will probably check these three things before examining any other possibilities.

If you are having problems with your central AC system, contact a company that offers air conditioning installation and repair services in your city.


11 December 2015

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