How to Find a Local Heating Repair Contractor


How can you find a high-quality local HVAC company for heating repairs? Whether you're new to the area or this is the first time you've had to schedule a home heating system repair or installation appointment, take a look at everything you need to know about finding and selecting an HVAC contractor. Are All HVAC Contractors the Same? Simply stated, no. This means you can't just google "HVAC contractors" and call the first company on the search results page.

16 December 2022

Surefire Signs Your Air Conditioner Ducts Are Leaking


As a homeowner, you may install an air conditioner that requires ductwork to distribute the conditioned air. Note that once you do this, you must maintain the ducts to ensure proper airflow. More so, minor issues that cause a leak will force the air conditioning unit to overwork and use more power to meet the set cooling requirements. So, as you service your air conditioner, do not forget to examine the ductwork.

28 November 2022

What Makes An AC Break Down? What Are Possible Fixes? 3 Sources Of Trouble


The air conditioner keeps your home comfortable, improves air quality, and helps maintain your home's structural integrity. Although you may wonder how this is, you must note that damage to your AC goes beyond feeling uncomfortable during the hot season. Upon unit failure, the heat and humidity will act on structural components like wood and increase the likelihood of rot, mold, and mildew problems. Hence, you must watch out for the earliest signs that your system has damage and get a repair technician to assess it.

9 November 2022

Take Care Of Your Heating System And Get Repairs When Needed


As the cold weather approaches, taking care of your heating system is a priority. Once you have to rely on your heat daily to stay warm, you will want to know that your system is ready for the hard work. If you notice problems with your heat, get your heating system repaired before the issue becomes bigger. Small problems will only become worse if you try to ignore what is going on.

30 September 2022

3 Possible Causes of Heat Pump Short Cycling


Heat pumps are becoming more popular thanks to their energy efficiency and ability to both heat and cool. Short cycling is an issue that heat pumps sometimes face and is characterized by early shutdowns during heating or cooling cycles. Here are three possible causes of heat pump short cycling to help you understand this common issue. 1. Low Refrigerant Like air conditioners and refrigerators, heat pumps rely on fluid refrigerant to transfer heat.

30 September 2022

3 Reasons Why Short Cycling Isn't An Air Conditioning Repair Issue To Ignore


Short cycling isn't an easy erratic AC behavior to miss because it's quite unusual. This is especially true if you've had your equipment for a while and know how long it cycles on and off. And while short cycling is less conspicuous than other erratic behaviors like a burning smell or your equipment making loud banging noises, you should call air conditioning repair services as soon as you notice it.

14 September 2022

Is It Time To Replace Your AC Unit? Consider These 3 Factors


An AC unit is a vital investment in many homes. While it is made to last for a long time, you will eventually have to replace yours. So, the hardest part comes when you have to decide whether it needs replacement or repair. Remember that every situation is not the same, and some factors will come into play. That said, before making any hasty decisions, consider the following factors and engage an AC replacement expert.

25 August 2022

4 Ways Professionals Repair Leaking Air Conditioning Systems


Have you noticed a pool of water near your AC unit? This is a common issue with some cooling systems. However, the unit's energy efficiency and performance could decrease if you don't act on time. Therefore, it is important to call a technician to repair a leaking AC. This piece will highlight some quick fixes that can solve AC leak problems. 1. Drain Pan Replacement  Over a long period of use, the cooling system's drain pipe might accumulate debris, mold, and dust that clog it.

4 August 2022

4 Signs You Need Commercial AC Repair Service To Fix Compressor Relay Problems


Your commercial AC unit has a fascinating working mechanism. These systems absorb and transfer heat from your commercial building to help ensure you are comfortable during the hot months. However, if any part of the unit fails, the entire system will likely malfunction. Thus, this will compromise the quality of service you get and your overall experience. So, if you suspect you have a faulty compressor or compressor relay, call a commercial AC repair contractor to help fix the problem.

18 July 2022

Looking To Install Mini-Split Air Cooling Appliance? Here Are Benefits You Don't Want To Miss Out On


If the meteorological department projects the prevalence of heatwaves during the hot season, you'll need your AC to be in top shape. However, not all ACs are feasible in their operation as your needs at home may vary with usage. A ductless mini-split AC utilizes a multi-unit operation with an outdoor and indoor unit. A conduit links these units and distributes cool air throughout your home. Regardless of the size of your rooms, you must contact an AC contractor to install a ductless mini-split cooling appliance to enjoy the benefits below.

24 June 2022