4 Ways Fleet Fueling Services Can Increase Safety For Drivers


Managing a fleet of delivery trucks means that you have a lot of drivers on the road at any given time. Worrying about driver safety is often a top priority, which is why many trucking businesses will go out of their way to increase safety while on the road. One area where safety can really be increased is with the fueling of the trucks. Instead of having a driver fuel up their own truck, you can dramatically increase the safety of your drivers with fleet fueling delivery services. These services meet up directly with your truck, either on-location or at your trucking base. The use of this service can increase safety in four different ways.

Fuel Spills

One of the biggest safety concerns when drivers pump their own gas is fuel spills. When fuel leaks or spills from a truck, a driver must follow specific protocols to ensure that the fuel is properly cleaned up. The spill itself can create safety hazards for the area and possible hazards for the driver. When a fleet fueling company delivers fuel, they will use methods to help prevent spills or leaks. If a small spill accident does occur, then the fleet fueling company has the equipment and training to properly clean it up. Not only will this help increase the safety of your worker, but it can also reduce the amount of time a driver needs to spend at a fueling site. They can continue on their route while a fueling company handles the cleaning process.

Driving Areas

While some gas stations may be set along specific driving routes, a driver may often find themselves traveling out of the way to reach a gas station with the proper diesel fuel. Not only does this waste time and resources, but it can increase the dangers of traveling on the road. The extra roads, turns, and navigation can also increase the possibility of some type of trucking accident. All of that extra driving can be completely eliminated with the use of a fleet fueling service. Fuel trucks have the ability to use GPS location tracking to find the exact position of your truck. This makes it easy to fuel up while they are at a specific delivery point. No extra driving is needed, and the truck will have all the fuel it needs to travel on the road.

Fuel Tank Problems

Many trucking companies have the option of installing a large fuel tank right on their property. This type of installation can create a lot of safety issues. Along with fire hazards and the potential for spills, the fuel tank itself may be a target for criminal activity. A full fuel tank can store hundreds of dollars worth of fuel. If potential criminals are aware of the tank, then you may deal with safety concerns as truckers use the tank for fueling their trucks. If you want to have trucks fueled at your main business location, then you can rely on fleet fueling services. An agreement can be set up to fuel the trucks each morning before the drivers go off. This can help save time and eliminate the need for large fuel tanks on your property.

Ticket Tracking

Keeping track of your drivers is another important safety aspect. This is why many fleet fueling companies provide ticket tracking for each individual driver. Reports will be automatically sent to you when a truck is filled with fuel. These reports include the location of the delivery, the time, and how much fuel was delivered. Knowing where your drivers are can help you track their travel times and ensure that everything is on task. The tracking methods will also help ensure that they have plenty of gas and are not in any emergency situations. This can be especially helpful during the winter months when road driving becomes more dangerous.

Consult with other drivers about the safety factors that come with fleeting fueling. By keeping the communication open, you can transition into this fueling service easily and without any problems.


25 August 2016

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