5 Reasons Why Pairing Old Central A/C Equipment With New Is A Bad Idea


There are plenty of ways to save a few bucks on your central A/C replacement, but replacing only half of your central A/C unit isn't one of them. Split central A/C systems rely on perfectly matched indoor and outdoor cabinets to offer the best possible performance and energy efficiency. Teaming up the older half of your A/C system with a brand-new half could spell trouble, as these five reasons show.

Your A/C System's Older Half Won't Keep Up

Teaming up the older half of your central A/C system with a newer half may result in reduced overall performance. In most cases, the older half of your central A/C system won't be able to keep up with the performance and efficiency of its newer half. As a result, the older half of your A/C system may end up being overworked. Over time, this could make your entire A/C system prone to breakdowns and eventual failure during its shortened lifespan.

You'll Lose Out on Energy Efficiency

In addition to performance issues, your newly mixed-and-matched A/C system could prove incredibly energy inefficient when compared to a properly paired central A/C system. Although modern central A/C systems are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, that's only if both halves of that system are properly matched. Linking a newer modern A/C unit with an older counterpart can rob that new unit of its energy-saving potential.

Incompatibilities Can Easily Ruin Both Halves

Most modern central A/C systems operate using environmentally-friendly refrigerants such as R-410a—a change from the R-22-based A/C systems of old. So what happens when you team up an older A/C system half that relied on R-22 with a brand-new half that uses R-410a?

For starters, both refrigerants are completely incompatible with one another, which make it impossible for either system to be used with one another. Forcibly combining the two units can easily trash the various components in both units, including the compressor and evaporator coil.

Even if both units use the same type refrigerant, differences in system efficiency, component quality, and other minor operating features can place unnecessary stress on both units. This can easily result in premature and potentially expensive system failure.

You'll Void Your A/C System's Warranty

Another reason you'll want to avoid mixing up old and new central A/C equipment is because it may adversely affect your warranty. Most A/C equipment warranties are contingent on both indoor and outdoor cabinets being used together as intended. Mixing and matching your A/C equipment could easily render your warranty void and make it more difficult to have your equipment properly serviced.

It Won't Help You Save Money

Partially replacing your central A/C system may seem like a great way to save money, but it could prove expensive in the long run. The likelihood of more frequent repairs means you'll end up spending more on repair and upkeep costs. Your mismatched cooling equipment is also more likely to consume more energy than a properly matched unit, resulting in higher utility costs.

When your old A/C equipment finally wears out, you'll still have to replace both the old unit along with the newer unit you've recently purchased. Considering the average cost of a brand-new central A/C system, this could prove more costly than simply purchasing a complete central A/C system in the first place.

Replacing just half of your central A/C system can prove to be a penny-wise yet pound-foolish decision in the long run. If you really want to save money and enjoy excellent comfort, you're better off replacing your old central A/C system with complete and properly matched equipment. Contact a company like Nova Air Conditioning & Heating for more information.


4 January 2017

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