Does Your Rental Home Smell? Learn What Scents Duct Cleaning Can Remove And Why It's Perfect To Do Before New Tenants Move In


As your tenants are moving out, you may do a walk through of your home. The home may smell but you may think that after the carpets are cleaned and the windows are left open for awhile, the smell will dissipate. However, despite carpet cleaning, deodorizing maid service and airing out the home, the scent still lingers. This may leave you wondering what to do next. The next step in removing the smell should be duct cleaning. Scents can reside in your duct work. And when the air conditioner or heater is run, these scents are blown through the home. This may leave you wondering what scents duct cleaning can remove.

Tobacco and Cigarette Smoke

If you had a smoker living in your rental home, the scent of tobacco or cigarette smoke can linger. If this was the case, the walls either need to be scrubbed down or a fresh coat of paint needs to be applied to remove the scent from the walls. Countertops and other surfaces should be cleaned with an ammonia or bleach product to remove both the scent but the residue that can be left behind. The carpets also need to be deep cleaned to remove the scent from the fibers. Lastly, duct cleaning needs to be done to remove all of the scent from the ducts. Every filter should also be changed, regardless of whether it is needed or not to ensure the scent does not continue to linger.

Pet Smells

If your tenants had one or more pets living in your home, the scent may linger long after the pets vacate the premises. Carpet extraction cleaning should be done to clean not only the carpets, but the carpet pads as well. This helps to remove any urine that may be left behind. The baseboards and blinds should also be deep cleaned to remove pet dander and scents. Lastly, the ducts should be cleaned and deodorized. This helps to remove any dirt, dust, and dander that remains from the animals in the home, while also removing their scent.


If your home has a musty or mildew scent to it, your past tenants may not even be to blame. If you live in a humid environment or moisture gets in your ducts, mildew or mold can grow. It is important to have duct cleaning done to properly remove all mildew and mold. Not only will it eliminate the scent from your home, but it will also help improve the flow of air through the ducts and ensure your new tenants don't get sick because of mold blowing through the home. To prevent this problem in the future, all cracks and holes in the ducts should be sealed off to prevent moisture from getting in.

Duct cleaning can help remove dirt, dust, pollen, allergens and dander from the duct work in your home. However, it can also remove scents. Your rental home may smell after tenants move out. If you have done everything to remove the scent and still can't figure out where it is coming from, duct cleaning may solve the problem.


9 March 2017

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