The Best Summer Tips To Help You Get By When Your AC Fails


During the heat of the summer months, going without air conditioning is painful. Due to things like the coil freezing or a compressor going bad, you may find yourself without cooling during the hottest days of summer. Even though you do not have your AC at this time, there are some things that you can do to stay cool. Here are some tips to help you beat the heat while you are waiting for the HVAC contractor to get around and do the repairs to your air conditioner:

1. Ventilation Tips to Help Cool Your Home without AC

Ventilating your home is a good way to cool your home, even when your AC is working. Use currents of air to allow the heat to escape and cool air in. Open windows in lower levels of your home to allow cool air in and make sure that there is ventilation through an attic, upstairs window, or attic fan. Another way to get currents of air to flow is to open a windows on two adjacent sides of your home.  The open windows will allow air currents to flow through your home, but do not open too many windows. The air currents will work best to cool your home at night when the temperatures are cooler outside, than inside your home.

2. Using Evaporation and Moisture to Provide Cool Air

Evaporative cooling is another way you can cool your home when your AC is out. This is the process of water evaporating, which will cool the air as it does. To great the evaporative cooling effect, wet a towel with water and place it in a window opening. If you can cover the window with the wet towel, like a screen, you will get more of a cooling effect.

3. Stop Heat Gain at Windows by Keeping Direct Sunlight Out

Heat gain is one of the problems that you will have to deal with when your AC is out. The sunlight the comes through windows can quickly cause your home to become hotter than it is outside. To reduce heat gain, avoid direct sunlight coming through windows. Cover windows that are south-facing with white materials that reflect the heat. You can use cardboard with white face to put in the windows that get direct sunlight. In addition, use curtains or window treatments to help insulate windows and keep the heat out.

Doing these few things will help you beat the heat when your AC is out this summer. If you need help repairing your cooling system, contact an HVAC contractor like JV Systems Air Conditioning And Heating of Tampa Bay Inc.


21 March 2017

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