5 Reasons To Switch To A Ductless Mini Split System


When deciding to upgrade or replace your HVAC system, it's a smart idea to investigate your various options, including those that veer away from conventional heating and air conditioning systems. One HVAC alternative that is steadily growing in popularity with homeowners is a ductless mini split, which involves an outdoor unit and small individual units placed inside your home. Here are five reasons to make the switch to ductless mini splits:

Ductless Mini Splits Involve No Ductwork

Instead of relying on ductwork like traditional HVAC systems, mini splits rely on electricity to push cold or hot air out into the room where your indoor unit is placed. This means you can close off access to the ductwork in your home or avoid installing ductwork in the first place if you're building a new home.

Without ductwork, you don't have to schedule frequent ductwork cleanings or worry about allergens and contaminants from your ducts making their way into your home's air. Instead, your mini split units include built-in filtration systems to boost your home's air quality and make the air healthier for your family, especially those family members with allergies or asthma.

Ductless Mini Splits Create Heating and Air Conditioning Zones

Ductless mini splits are a great option for creating flexible, easily customized zoned heating and air conditioning. Since you will have individually controlled mini split units in different areas of your home, you can save energy by only focusing the heat or air conditioning in the rooms currently in use. Mini splits cool down or warm up a room quite quickly, so if you go from the living room to bedroom, you can simply switch off the mini split in the living room and switch on the one in the bedroom for customized zoned HVAC.

Ductless Mini Splits are Two-In-One Systems

Another very appealing feature of ductless mini splits is that they offer both heating and air conditioning in one system. This means when upgrading your HVAC system, you can save time and money by only installing a mini split system, rather than a separate furnace and air conditioner. Since everything is consolidated in one compact system, troubleshooting problems is also a much easier process.

Ductless Mini Splits Save Energy

Another reason for the increasing popularity of ductless mini splits is that they are very energy-efficient. They don't cycle on and off again repeatedly like conventional HVAC systems, which is a very wasteful process. Their targeted, zoned air conditioning and heating also leads to increased energy efficiency, only emitting just the right amount of heating or cooling right where you need it. Because ductless mini splits are so energy efficient, you can expect your utility bills to go down and also feel great knowing your family is reducing their carbon footprint.

Ductless Mini Splits Are Easy to Install

Because they do not involve large units or complicated ductwork, ductless mini split systems are usually fast and relatively simple to install. Unlike conventional HVAC systems, the installation of a ductless mini split system doesn't require cutting into walls or ceilings to gain access to ductwork, meaning you can have your new system up and running in a few hours with minimal disruption to your household. They can also easily be incorporated into new home construction, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable home from the day you move in.

Ductless mini splits can be a great HVAC solution, but they're not necessarily the best choice for everyone. The best approach is to have a trusted HVAC specialist like Green  Air Inc inspect your home and help you determine the best options for your square footage, usage, and local climate.


23 May 2017

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