What Maintenance Can Keep Your HVAC System From Needing Frequent Repair?


Even for those who live in a temperate coastal climate like San Francisco or San Diego, indoor climate control can be key to year-round comfort. This means a malfunctioning heater or air conditioner can pose a major problem for both homeowners and business owners. Read on to learn more about how air conditioners work at a basic level and what you'll need to do to maintain your HVAC system and prevent the need for inconvenient and time consuming repairs. 

How Does An AC Work?

Most modern air conditioners run using an exterior compressor unit that operates using a special refrigerant liquid pumped through tubes. As warm outdoor air is sucked into the air conditioner and blown across these cooled tubes, the air quickly takes on a much colder temperature. This cooled air is then pumped into your home's ductwork by a high-powered fan until your home has reached the thermostat-set temperature. 

Problems with your air conditioner can often be traced back to either the compressor or the fan's blower motor. Compressor problems generally reveal themselves in the form of an AC that won't blow cold air, while blower motor issues are apparent whenever there's no air (cold or otherwise) coming from your home's vents. 

What Routine Maintenance Does Your AC Need?

There are a few steps you can take to reduce the chances of an expensive or inconvenient AC repair.

The first is to thoroughly clean out the exterior compressor unit every spring and fall. Even if you keep this unit covered during fall and winter, it can become a repository for cobwebs and other insect-related detritus. By gently scrubbing any dirt and cobwebs out of your exterior unit, you'll ensure your AC has constant access to fresh air to flow over the refrigerant-cooled tubes.

You'll also want to inspect the electrical connections to and from your AC a couple of times per year to ensure they're still in working order. Frayed or damaged wires can pose a fire hazard and risk major damage to your AC unit, but identifying and repairing these defects when they occur can keep power running uninterrupted.

As a final tip, you may want to enlist a company specializing in HVAC services to clean and inspect your AC once every year or two. Having experts look over your unit can stem any small problems before they become bigger (and potentially more expensive) problems, saving you money and hassle.


6 June 2017

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