Is Your Recessed Lighting Driving Up Your Energy Bills?


To save on energy costs, you can make several changes. For instance, you could opt to turn off your air conditioner and depend more on fans. However, there is one change to your home that you could possibly lower your energy bills and allow you to continue to use your air conditioner. If you have recessed lighting in your home, it could be to blame for rising energy costs.

How Does Recessed Lighting Lead to Higher Energy Costs?

The idea that your lighting style plays a role in energy costs sounds strange, but it is true. Recessed lighting is tucked away in your ceiling and seem harmless, right? In truth, the lights are notorious for allowing air to leak in and out of your home.

To install the lighting, a large hole must be placed in your ceiling and the can fitted into it. The problem is that the seal around the can is not always tight. Regardless of the measures taken, it is almost impossible to completely seal the area. As a result, air leakage occurs.

The opening allows for heated air to enter your home. To continue to keep your home cooled to the desired temperature, the air conditioner will have to work overtime. The longer it is on, the higher your energy costs. There is also the added problem of the additional wear on the system.

What Can You Do to Improve Efficiency?

The best option for improving your home's energy efficiency would be to get rid of the recessed lighting. However, if you are reluctant to do this, there are adjustments you can make to improve the efficiency.

For instance, you can check whether the cans are insulated or non-insulated contact. If you have insulated contact cans, your technician can add insulation over the cans to decrease the flow of air in and out. If your cans are non-insulated contact, adding insulation could create a fire hazard.

Another step you could take is to use LED lights in the cans. The lighting consumes little energy and it burns cooler than incandescent light bulbs.

You also need to make sure your air conditioner is in good working order. Schedule yearly inspections of your air conditioner to check for leaks or parts that need to be replaced. By having it assessed on a regular basis, you can potentially avoid problems that could lead to a surge in your energy bills. For more information on air conditioner repair, contact a local professional.


17 August 2017

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