Common Problems A Furnace May Encounter


Problems with a furnace can create dangerous conditions inside a home. When these problems start to manifest themselves, homeowners may find that the temperature in their home drops drastically or the structure is placed at a higher risk of suffering a fire. In particular, there are a handful of problems that a furnace will be particularly vulnerable to suffering.


If a furnace develops close in it, the system may suffer a significant decrease in the circulation that it can provide. When your furnace becomes clogged, you may notice that the warmth or air coming from it starts to decrease. Over time, this problem will greatly worsen until the clogs are removed. Often, these clogs will form when soot and ash start to accumulate along narrow points in the system and the air filters start to become full. You can avoid this problem by regularly changing the air filters as this will help to remove any of these materials before they are able to enter the system. Also, you should have the furnace and flue professionally cleaned so that any accumulations that do start to form can be removed.


Leaks can be another major problem for furnaces. If you have a gas or oil burning furnace, leas can represent a substantial fire hazard. To help you notice these leaks as soon as possible, you should install a gas detector as it will sound an alarm if gas fumes are present. For oil burning furnaces, you will need to perform routine visual inspections to look for signs of oil leaking out of the bottom of the furnace.

In addition to fuel leaks, it can also be possible for air leaks to be present in forced air systems. Often, these leaks will be due to gaps in the ducting, and you will need to have the ducts sealed to stop these leaks.

Malfunctioning Burner

The burner is one of the most important parts of a gas or oil burning system. Without the burner, this fuel will fail to ignite, which can prevent the system from generating heat. Furthermore, problems with the burner can lead to the system potentially starting a fire as the burner may be unable to contain the flame. Sadly, repairing a burner is a complicated task, and it can be easy to make mistakes when attempting to repair this part of the furnace. To avoid accidentally making the situation worse, you should have a technician inspect the burner to determine the cause of the problem and to repair or replace it.

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4 October 2017

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