Check Your Air Conditioning Systems As Seasons Change


A puff of dust and/or burnt material can be an obnoxious part of turning on your heating or air conditioning systems on for the first time in months. Dust in the air is just one of the more noticeable problems after long periods of time without maintenance; many hidden issues could be lurking that may end up costing additional money over time if you're not careful. Here are a few maintenance points to consider as the seasons change:

Air Conditioning Path Cleaning

When the hotter months begin, turning on the air conditioning (AC) can fill your building with dust. It's a lot of buildup from months of no use, and even if your heating and air conditioning systems are part of one big central air system, the air conditioning unit itself can still build up enough dusty to blast.

For most people, the dust is just a minor smell annoyance, or possibly a bit of sneezing. For people with asthma, irritable lungs, or any number of breathing conditions, the first day of turning on air conditioning can lead to misery and hospitalization. It's an issue not appreciated by much of the population, but suffocation and inflammation are costly problems to manage.

You will also have to deal with dust cleanup sooner. The dust will hang in the air for a while, and opening windows and doors to "air out" the building won't do much beyond making the area breathable. It's cheaper in the long run to get an ac services professional to clean our your air ducts, replace filters, and make any necessary repairs to parts that may be close to burning out or already damaged.

Heater Problems And General Air Quality Concerns

The same dust problem happens with heating systems, but with the bonus of burning dust and debris. This is an even worse smell problem and can be an even worse breathing problem and lung irritant, which reaches beyond people with moderate asthma issues and into people who simply don't smoke for a living.

Even for smokers, it's a breathing deficit that doesn't deliver the effect of choice. To reduce the smoke issue, you need a combination of air duct cleaning and a filter that can handle smoke, such as a filter specifically marketed for smoke-involved industries or air pollution. Pollution filters for homes and businesses near highways or in cities with severe pollution will be fine.

HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filters are popular for their high rate of filtration for multiple pollutants and airborne issues, but they're not for everyone. Large businesses and factories will see massive increases in power consumption and power bill spikes because more work is needed to pull air through these strict filters. Homes will also see an increase, but as long as the filters are changed according to their instructions, the increase isn't that great.

Contact an air conditioning and heating professional to discuss other maintenance needs.


13 December 2017

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