Your Air Conditioner: Prepping For The Heat Of Summer


Summers can be sweltering, and you may have a great HVAC system that provides adequate air conditioning to deal with those days. However, if you don't want things to fail during a heatwave, you should be doing some preparation and handling the following tasks before hitting the power switch.

Clear Grass and Debris

With your last lawn mowing session some months in the past, before you ever power up the HVAC unit, you might want to deal with your grass. High grass located too close to the unit can interfere with proper functioning over time. Even worse, cut grass can blow into the unit as you mow. Therefore, every spring it's wise to cut the grass first and then have a look at the fan blades so you can wipe off any grass. You should also be clearing away any twigs.

Look into Ducts

Over the months, heat might have been going through ducts instead of cold air. It's smart to have a peek into as much of the ductwork as you can to ensure that mold or debris never got in there. You may consider having the professionals come out and examine all the ducts at once.

Check Unit

You'll be removing the cover to check out fan blades after you've mowed grass, but you should also be looking at the rest of the unit to be confident that nothing looks odd and that all belts and parts are in order. Look especially at filter quality; they sit silently in the unit to stop dust from traveling freely throughout the unit and your ducts. However, torn, clogged or faulty filters can reduce air quality and ultimately cause unit issues as the dust builds up. Quickly glancing at filters before starting up air conditioning is smart.

It's also wise to check the unit exterior; in particular, you want to be sure that the unit's screws are tight. Loose ones will create rattling sounds that may cause you to imagine that there's a problem.

Replace Batteries

Many people will go to start their air conditioning only to wonder why it seems as if it's broken. In some cases they'll troubleshoot to no avail. At times, it's just a battery issue; thermostats need a steady supply of power, so before summer begins, change the batteries.

Summer can be hot without making you feel terrible if you prep everything for functional air conditioning. Ask contractors or technicians to assess the system so you're sure the house will be cool and remain that way. For more information, contact companies like HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric.


12 March 2018

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