Understanding And Repairing A Frozen AC Unit


In the heat of summer, the thought of a frozen air conditioner unit may seem appealing. Unfortunately, a frozen unit is not necessarily a good thing, since it means your air conditioning is not working in the most effective or energy efficient manner possible. This guide and your contractor will help you diagnose and repair a frozen AC unit.


First, it is important to note that icy buildup on your outdoor unit is a sure sign that your unit is frozen. However, frozen units may not show any signs of icy residue, so the problem can be a bit more difficult to detect.

A home that is struggling to get cool while the air conditioning is running may be a problem to note. In many instances, if you feel warm air running through the vents, the unit may be frozen.

Turn your air conditioning on and listen to the outdoor unit while it is running. If it sounds like it is struggling to run or you hear a stuttering noise, the unit may still be frozen.

Turn the unit off and allow it to rest for a few hours. After this time, turn it on and let the air conditioning run. If it is now running properly, the unit was frozen.


In most cases, a unit will freeze if refrigerant is too low. This decreased refrigerant level can occur if there is a leak inside your system. While surprising, a simple issue, such as a dirty filter or debris inside your ductwork, can also cause your unit to freeze.

It is important to have contractors inspect your system completely to determine the cause of the freezing. This will ensure repairs are completed properly, reducing any further freezing of your unit while cooling your home efficiently.


Once you determine your unit is frozen, turn the system off until your contractor arrives.

Allowing the air conditioning to run while it is frozen can damage the compressor, which is a key component in your system. Replacing the compressor can be time consuming and expensive.

Your contractor will inspect your entire system, documenting any areas of distress. If your system is leaking refrigerant, the location of this leak must be addressed and repaired. Adding more refrigerant will also be necessary once the leak is found and repaired.

Filters should be replaced and ductwork should be inspected. If any holes or tears are found, sections of the ductwork should be replaced.

Units should not be frozen, even in the midst of the air conditioning seasons. This guide will help you understand the signs, causes, and treatment options for a frozen unit. Visit websites like https://www.kearsleyservice.com/ for more information. 


17 July 2018

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