What Are Signs That A Boiler Needs Maintenance?


Do you have a boiler in your home? If so, you likely think about its maintenance rarely. This is the case for many homeowners, so you are not alone. Many property owners do not think of their boilers until something goes awry. Perhaps you are wondering how to detect when your boiler is going to malfunction. The following points will help you to understand the potential signs that your boiler is malfunctioning.

Peculiar Smells

Many individuals who experience this phenomenon with their boilers describe the smell as rotten eggs or exhaust. This odd smell can be a sign that there are ventilation issues. Improper ventilation can result in your family getting sick, and it could also result in death. This is due to ventilation issues causing carbon monoxide to remain the home. One key thing every homeowner with a boiler should do is install a carbon monoxide detector in close vicinity to their boiler. If a ventilation issue exists or a gas leak occurs, the detector will emit. Keep in mind that other gas appliances may also cause the alarm to emit. This is why it is wise to contact a professional if you have a carbon monoxide detector that frequently goes off.


Boilers are sturdy appliances. However, they will not last forever. As these appliances age, their performance may deteriorate. You might also discover that older boilers are not as energy efficient. This means that you may pay more money for your gas bill than you have to.

Loud Sounds

Boilers are not supposed to be a noisy nuisance. There are a variety of weird sounds that boilers may make if they need to be serviced. Loud bangs, clunking, or whistling sounds that are comparable to a tea kettle are not normal. This does not mean that you will need to replace your boiler. However, you should take the matter seriously and seek boiler maintenance services. Neglecting to do so could result in a complete boiler shutdown. Sometimes a noisy boiler is due to a buildup of surfactants such as limescale in the tank. Fixing this type of issue is relatively easy for a plumber.

Boiler maintenance is a wise option to ensure that your boiler operates at peak performance. Maintenance also helps to detect potential problems. Early detection can be beneficial at revealing issues before critical parts are damaged. In many cases, early detection can result in savings to homeowners. This is because boiler repairs will likely be cheaper than replacing a boiler or its parts. 


17 August 2018

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