How A Storm Can Damage Your Air Conditioner


Storms put your home in danger in a number of ways. One part of your home you may not worry about is the AC. However, a storm can damage your outdoor condenser or send a power surge to your HVAC and damage it too. If a storm with hail or unusually strong winds affects your home, you may want an AC repair technician to check your unit so repairs can be made if needed. Here are some damages a storm can cause to your air conditioner.

Hail Can Dent Fins And Damage Lines

The outdoor condenser can take a lot of abuse, but the fins on the side are easy to dent when struck. Hail can bend the fins so airflow is restricted. This can lead to a variety of problems with the operation of your AC. Bent fins are usually easy to fix by straightening them back out with a small tool. Another problem caused by hail is that it can knock lines to the condenser loose or otherwise damage them. This can cause refrigerant to leak out or an electrical connection to be damaged. Hail might even cause extensive denting to the cage and parts like the fan blades. This damage will interfere with how well your AC operates.

Strong Winds Can Dislodge The Unit

Wind during a typical storm usually may not harm the condenser, but exceptionally strong winds could uproot it and cause extensive damage. Wind can also blow debris like heavy tree branches or trash cans against the fins and smash them. Wind also drives leaves and other debris inside the cage, which will clog it. When a bad storm hits your area, you'll want to walk around your house to look for signs of damage. Don't forget to check the AC unit and if you see it's been struck with debris or if the fins are clogged with debris or bent, then call a repair service before using your air conditioner.

Lightning Can Harm The Wiring

If lightning strikes your home or hits close to it and causes a power surge, then your air conditioner can suffer from electrical damage. The rest of your home may be affected as well and need repairs from an electrician. However, even if the rest of your home has power, your AC could still have electrical problems due to damage to the outdoor unit. If your air conditioner doesn't operate as it normally does after a storm, be sure to have it inspected so it's safe to operate. You may need to reset the breaker, but if the breaker trips a second time, then that's a sign of a problem with the circuit or the AC and it needs to be checked for safety reasons.


7 January 2019

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