When Should You Repair An AC And When Should You Replace It?


Most people struggle to decide whether they should repair or replace their AC units. If you also feel confused, it will be important to involve an air conditioning repair service. Their second opinion may be what you need to finally make up your mind. Don't be surprised to discover that the A/C unit you wanted to replace has plenty of life left. If your air conditioning unit has developed a problem, consider these tips.

When to replace your A/C unit

  • Replace it when it gets too old

One of the main reasons to replace your air conditioner is if it is too old. A unit that is fifteen years or older should be replaced because its value has fully depleted. The estimated lifespan of an air conditioning unit is ten to fifteen years. So a system that is older than that should be changed. Once a conditioner reaches its maximum longevity period, it will begin to breakdown. As a result, you will repair it today and discover another problem tomorrow. Eventually, you will become sick of wasting your money on it.

  • Change your A/C if the cost of repair is high

If you realize that the cost of air conditioning repair for your unit is exorbitant, it would be sensible to just get a new system. To be completely sure that this is the right thing to do, use the expert contractors' formula. Multiply the cost of repair by the age of your old AC unit (in years) and then subtract the price of a new AC.  If you notice that the price of a new model is less than the cost of repair multiplied by the age of you're A/C, then invest in it.

  • If your A/C is no longer energy-efficient

How comes your electricity bills are increasing and the power provider has not increased their rates? The answer might be that your air conditioning system has become inefficient. Try to get a professional to confirm this point.

  • The unit has unquestionable wear and tear related issues

If some rooms feel hotter, even if you adjust the thermostat, it could be time to substitute your current air conditioner for a more modern 4-ton air conditioning unit that is made to save energy by not running throughout the day.

When you should repair your A/C

  • If your air conditioner is not ten years old yet

A/C units should last 10 to 15 years. If yours is less than 10 years, don't replace it when it stops working properly; just repair it. Unless the damage is too severe and costly to repair, don't replace your air conditioning unit.

  • The problem is common and easy to repair

Air conditioning repair is viable when your system's poor functioning is a result of a common problem that can be solved. Perhaps it's just an affordable component that needs repair or replacement before the unit will come back to life.

Now you know when to replace or repair your air conditioner. Even if these tips are helpful, it is advisable to seek the opinion of a reliable A/C technician. This will give you confidence that you are about to do the right thing.


27 March 2019

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