2 Things That Will Help Lower Your Heating Costs This Year


Have you been struggling to keep your home warm during the past few winters? How about how hot it gets during the summer? In some homes, even with the best heating and cooling equipment, the temperature inside seems impossible to regulate. Here, you'll find a few reasons why your home may not stay as comfortable as you would like it to.

Little to No Insulation

If you live in an older home, there's a good chance that there's little to no insulation in the walls, and possibly the attic. Do you know what's behind the walls? Have you checked your attic lately? Right now is the time to contact your local insulation company and request an estimate for services. At that time, they'll schedule a visit to come, perform an inspection, and then, they'll provide you with an estimate for their services.

But wait – before you decide against the work because of the cost, think about how much money you've been throwing out over the past few years just by not having the insulation where it needs to be. All of that heat and cool air that the heating and cooling system has been working so hard to produce is not staying in your house – it's leaking out through the walls and attic. Your money is being wasted. One season with upgraded insulation will help recover some of the cost of the insulation – then the next year, a little more – and it will pay for itself in no time.

Have an Air Leak Test Performed

You can have your entire home tested to find out where all of the heat and cool air is escaping. With this test, a big, strong fan is set up in a doorway. All of the windows and other doors are closed. The fan is turned on and the technician can determine where the air is being pulled into the home – these are the areas that'll need attention before your home will be truly efficient.

This test can be performed by a HVAC repair technician, or some community service centers offer this test to lower income families at no cost. If you've never had this test done, it's a good idea so that you can find and seal up all of those leaks and keep the heat in the house this winter.

Don't continue throwing your money away. Make the upgrades, find the leaks and do what you can to keep the heat in this winter.


4 October 2019

Shopping For A New HVAC System

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