What It Means When An Air Conditioning Unit Gets Too Cold


When you think about a hot summer day, it's hard to imagine that an air conditioning unit can ever get too cold, as it can cause the unit to fail. However, not only is it possible, but it's not a good thing, as an air conditioning unit that gets too cold will freeze. Learn about some of the factors that can cause a cooling unit to freeze and how to address the problem.

Cool Outdoor Temperatures

Sometimes, the temperature inside your home feels much warmer than the outdoor temperature. While your instinct might be to turn on the air conditioning unit in your home, you might want to hold off. All units have an outdoor threshold for safe operation, which is often around 60 degrees

If the outdoor temperature is below this threshold, the unit is at risk for freezing if you turn it on. If the outdoor temperature is not quite warm enough, it's best to open the windows or turn on a fan to cool your home to avoid damage to the unit. 

Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat is an important communication tool in the overall function of an air conditioning unit. When you adjust the temperature on your thermostat, it's the responsibility of the thermostat to send a signal to the unit when the temperature has been reached so that the system powers down. 

A malfunctioning thermostat might not accurately read the temperature inside your home or fail to send the signal; both of these factors could cause the unit to stay on longer than necessary. An air conditioning unit that stays on for too long will eventually freeze. Fortunately, an issue with a thermostat is often isolated from the cooling unit, so you should be able to have the thermostat repaired or replaced easily. 

Airflow Obstructions

The cooled air from your air conditioning system needs to be able to flow freely from the unit and air ducts and ultimately disperse itself through the vents and into your home. Any obstruction within the cooling unit, air ducts, or registers will cause the cooled air to backflow into the unit. 

A backflow of air can cause the coils to get too cold and eventually freeze. Have your air ducts cleaned routinely, ensure all your vents are open and clear, and change your air filter periodically to avoid an airflow obstruction within your unit.  

Don't let ice shut down your air conditioning unit. Address any maintenance or repairs promptly to keep your system working efficiently.  

To learn more, contact a company that offers air conditioning services.


2 March 2020

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