Should You Wait To Schedule An AC System Repair? Ask These Questions First


Does your home need an AC system repair? Even though some air conditioning issues are obvious, others may not seem like they require immediate or professional service. If you're not sure whether you should call the contractor right now, or choose a wait and see approach, take a look at the questions to ask.

Is There an Odd Odor?

There are several reasons why an air conditioner could smell odd. While a smell could indicate something minor, such as dirty filter, it may also have a serious cause. A refrigerant leak can cause a chemical-like odor and an electrical issue could result in a smoky smell. If left untreated, these common problems could pose safety hazards to you and your household.

Along with these potential problems, a rodent trapped in a duct, mold growing in a damp system, and off basement odors the system drags in and pushes throughout your home (via the air ducts and vents) could result in strange scents.

If you're tempted to cover the smell with air fresheners or powerful cleaners, think again. Whether your system has a chemical, musty, smoky, or any other odor, it requires professional attention. The HVAC contractor can inspect the air conditioner, diagnose the issue, and recommend a repair.

How Cold Is the Indoor Air?

Your AC system cools the indoor air. But not effectively or efficiently. Dirty ducts or a debris-filled filter could limit the unit's ability to completely cool your home. Without a clear path through the system, the cool air may not reach (or may incompletely reach) each room of your home.

Check the filter—especially if you haven't cleaned or replaced it in more than one month. If the filter is clean and your home doesn't feel as cool as it should, the problem could come from a refrigerant leak, blocked condenser, improperly sized air conditioner, or excessive wear and tear. Like an odd odor, poor cooling requires a professional assessment and AC repair.

Does the Air Conditioner Make a Loud Noise?

Most AC systems make some noise. The click of the system as it turns on, the sound of the blower, or the noise of cool air coming from the vents are all audible. But if your air conditioner suddenly makes a loud or new noise, it could have a problem.

Loose parts, wear, electrical issues, clogs in the ducts, and other similar issues can make unexplained noises. A qualified HVAC contractor will listen to the noise, inspect the system, diagnose the issue, repair the problem, and eliminate the offending noise.  


31 August 2020

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