Repairs Your AC Might Need During The Winter


You might think that summer is the time when you will need to be servicing your air conditioner, but there are actually many things you should consider doing that will keep your air conditioner in great condition during the winter.

Straighten Bent Fins

Your air conditioner might have bent fins that need to be straightened that you might notice while cleaning your AC. If you notice any damage on your AC, you may need to hire an AC repair technician.

Listen for Strange Noises

While the compressor is running, listen for strange noises. You might hear a buzzing, clunking, or grinding noise. These are all signs that you might need an AC repair technician. You will not want to wait until summer because you may need to use your AC sooner than you think, and it will also be more expensive to wait until the last minute when AC repair services are more in demand.

Look for Damaged Pipes

One of the common problems during the winter is that pipes can become damaged as they freeze and the pipes expand. If the pipes are fortunately not damaged, speak with an AC technician about how you can protect your pipes from cold winter weather.

Examine the Unit

Look for any rust or cracks in the unit. When rust forms, it will often continue to get worse until the AC unit needs to be replaced or the rust is removed and a repair technician restores it and applies a protective coating. Look for any leaks and loose or frayed wiring. These problems will cause your AC unit to stop functioning properly and may also lead to a fire hazard.

After your AC unit has been repaired, cover it with vinyl so it does not become damaged again during the winter. Make sure that the cover is waterproof. Ideally, you should use a cover that is designed for AC units.

Contact an AC Repair Technician

While there are some tasks you may be able to carry out yourself, you should never be afraid to call for help if you aren't sure what to do. An air conditioner repair professional may be able to give you advice or perform the necessary repairs. The repair technician might also recommend maintenance you might perform to be able to reduce the need for repairs in the future. When your unit has been repaired, you'll be ready to use it as soon as the temperatures rise.

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23 December 2020

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