What You Should Do To Protect Your Air Conditioner After The Summer


When the hot temperatures of summer start to cool down, you'll get to a point where you stop using your air conditioner and start using the furnace. However, you're likely wondering if there is anything that you should be doing to your air conditioner to prep it for the off-season. Here are a few tips that you should know about how to care for your residential air conditioner.

Decide On If You Want To Cover The Outdoor Unit

You may have seen neighbors actually put a cover over their outdoor condenser as the winter approaches, making you wonder if you should be doing the same thing. Putting a cover on a condenser is something that is actually completely optional to do. Realize that the condenser is built to last outside and survive all sorts of weather conditions. That said, putting a cover on the unit certainly won't hurt it. The cover can actually prevent some physical damage that may happen to the unit and prevent debris from falling inside it. This will make getting the air conditioner ready next summer incredibly simple. 

However, it is crucial that you remember to take the cover off the air conditioner when the time comes. You could end up damaging the unit if you accidentally run the air conditioner while it has a cover on it. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself to remove that cover, such as putting a note on the circuit breaker and turning off the unit at the fuse box. 

Wash Out The Condenser

You should take the time to wash out the condenser unit prior to the winter. This will help remove all of the leaves that got inside the unit and help speed up the process of turning on the unit in the spring. You can shut down the power running to the air conditioner, remove the grill that covers the fan, and scoop out any leaves that got inside the unit. It will also help to spray the unit down from the inside while the grill is off the unit since you can get rid of any dirt and debris that is in the fins by pushing them toward the outside of the unit. 

If you will not be using a cover and are worried about the looks of the unit, you can also cover the exterior of the material with some wax, which will help defend the unit against snow, rain, and sun fade.


4 February 2021

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