Deciding When To Schedule Central Air Conditioning Replacement


Certain issues that develop with the central air conditioner may indicate that the homeowners should start thinking about replacing the equipment. Ineffective cooling and the need for repairs every year are examples. The age of this appliance also must be considered.

Expected Lifespan

Central air conditioners are usually expected to last 15 to 20 years, but this varies a great deal. Well-maintained units that do not experience a great deal of demand can last much longer.

Two Signs

The equipment might need replacement relatively soon if it is having difficulty maintaining the thermostat-set temperature. The system works harder than it used to, especially when the outside temperature is unusually high. The homeowners might notice their electric bills rising as well. 

Another sign is an increasingly frequent need for repair service, even when maintenance is performed annually. This is inconvenient and repeatedly costs the homeowners money. If the system breaks down on a hot weekend, the household must decide whether to pay for emergency service or wait until Monday.

Waiting for System Failure

If they want to, the household can continue to have repairs done as needed and use the air conditioner until servicing it becomes too costly. Unlike a furnace fueled with gas or heating oil, an air conditioner is safe to run until repairing it is no longer reasonable. That usually happens when the compressor fails. At that point, replacing the entire unit is sensible.

Nevertheless, these homeowners should plan for the inevitable so they can schedule replacement service quickly. That means having money set aside in savings for home improvement or a way to pay with credit.

Advantages of Earlier Replacement

Replacing the unit before the compressor fails has some advantages. The homeowners don't risk having to go without climate control for a few days when the weather is hot. The schedules of air conditioning contractors are hectic with replacement and repair work then since so much demand is put on the equipment. 

Also, installation often costs less during months that are slower for these contractors. Heating and cooling technicians are busiest in summer and winter, so scheduling central air installation during more moderate weather could save the homeowners money.

Focusing on the Positive

When the time arrives for central air replacement, the homeowners can focus on knowing the new system will be significantly higher in energy efficiency. They'll have lower electric bills and a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. With the system able to keep up with the desired climate control, the home will be more comfortable, too.

Contact a local HVAC technician to learn more about air conditioning replacement.


15 March 2021

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