3 AC System Maintenance Tips That Will Serve You


Whether you live in Arizona or the New England states, quality air conditioning system service will be invaluable for your home. Your AC system will work best when you lean on the technical experience of a professional service shop. They will help you with everything from cleaning the system to addressing some of the most common repairs. This article will teach you what you have to do to get the most from your air conditioning system.

#1: Take time to clean the unit of any dirt or clogging

A dirty AC system is not just bad to look at, it will also eventually stop working. The main unit installed outside requires your attention each season, especially following a messy fall and winter. When the unit is allowed to collect dirt, it will start to build up inside, to the point that the fan and motor might be obstructed. Most of these cleanings won't even require help from a professional service. All you have to do is grab a work brush and start scrubbing every visible part of the unit.

#2: Run a system pre-check before it gets hot outside

You will need expert assistance to get your AC ready each year. They can offer you both an inspection and a tune-up so that you know there's nothing stopping your system from reaching peak performance. A tune-up for your AC system will cost you roughly $50 and will help you get it ready for the summer heat. Get documentation of your tune-up and inspection for your records.

#3: Get your drainage tubes and pumps checked out

Moisture problems can prevent your AC from performing how it should. Clogs, leaks, contamination, and water damage are all problems that your AC might experience when you let these issues get worse.

Changing out your condensate pump will cost you between roughly $250 and $500 and up for a total replacement. When you purchase a new pump, make sure to check its gallons per minute (GPM) rating so that your air conditioner maintains the best performance. You might also have to change out hoses or add some coolant to your air conditioner to make sure that it's able to work how it should. The moving parts of the motor and fans might also need oil lubrication to prevent them from corroding.

These three tips will start you in the right direction when you're trying to do what's best for your AC system. For more information about AC system maintenance, contact a local HVAC contractor.


15 April 2021

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