3 Signs You Need Residential Boiler Repair


While boilers are built to last a long time, after years of use, you're bound to face residential boiler repair issues. And being quick to react to these problems is what improves the longevity of your equipment. As a homeowner, you should always be aware of your boiler's condition so that repair issues don't worsen without your knowledge.

Taking note of operational irregularities and contacting your boiler repair technician also ensures the equipment doesn't pose a potential safety hazard at your residence. Below are three telltale signs indicating your boiler might require a professional technician's attention.

Boiler Leakage

If you notice signs of leakage around your boiler, you should treat this as an emergency and call your boiler repair technician immediately. The most plausible explanations for boiler leakage are corrosion in the tank or poor water pipe connections. Other times, it could be because the pressure and temperature valves are damaged.

The repair technician will shut off the gas and water supply as soon as they get to your residence. This allows them to safely inspect the boiler and find out the cause of the problem. Providing a permanent solution to the leaking problem restores your equipment to efficient operation and saves you from having to mop away the leaking water that might eventually result in mold growth.

Uneven Heating

As you settle into the winter weather, the last thing you want to deal with is a residential boiler that's unevenly heating your home. It's quite frustrating to walk into a different section of your house only to realize that the room temperature is not desirable. When a room feels too hot or too cold for your comfort, your body registers it and you struggle to feel cozy.

Thankfully, uneven heating is a boiler repair issue your technician can repair. The professional will check the equipment's piping to see if there's any leakage or blockage. They'll also inspect the burner and the circulator pump because one of them might have malfunctioned. They will then restore your equipment to normal function, ensuring it releases sufficient hot air that evenly warms your entire household.

Unusual Noises

Generally speaking, your equipment should not produce noises during operation. So, if you notice humming or whistling sounds when you walk past your boiler, you should be concerned. These noises are an indication there's a problem, but they don't tell you exactly what's malfunctioned.

That's why you should contact a technician who will thoroughly inspect your equipment and arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Whether the noises indicate that there's mineral build-up in the tank or it's something much more serious, your technician will surely discover the issue and provide a permanent solution to the problem.

If any of these telltale signs ring a bell, don't hesitate to contact a residential boiler repair technician as your household's safety and comfort depend on it.


20 September 2021

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