3 Factors That Restrict Furnace Air Circulation


Good air circulation throughout the system is a basic requirement for a properly operating furnace. Not only must the furnace be able to blow warm air into your home unobstructed, but it must also be able to pull in fresh air so that it can be heated and circulated through the system. There are four common factors that lead to restricted airflow, which can compromise your home's heating and lead to maintenance issues with your furnace.

1. Blocked Vent Registers

One of the most common reasons that warm air can move into the rooms of your home is that the vent registers are blocked in some way. Furnace registers are typically located on the floor or on the wall near a baseboard. If the vent is closed, then airflow is blocked. Placing rugs and furniture over registers will also block the airflow and reduce the heat in the room. All registers need to be fully open and unblocked.

2. Air Return Obstructions

Air returns can be located nearly anywhere. Some are placed on the floor while others are on the lower or upper part of a wall. You may have registers on ceilings or even in the dead space beneath a step on the stairs. Those on ceilings or the upper parts of walls rarely get obstructed, just make sure the grates are clean and dusted regularly. Those on the ground or located in lower airs can sometimes get blocked by rugs, furniture, or drapes. Look for the grates that indicate a return is present and take steps to ensure nothing blocks them, otherwise fresh air won't be pulled into the furnace.

3. Clogged Filter and Housing

Changing out the filter monthly during the heating season helps with proper air circulation, but it may not be enough. Dust and debris can cake onto the inside of the filter housing, which can lead to an air obstruction. This is more likely to occur if a filter isn't changed for a long period of time or if you have lots of pet hair in the home. Use a long-handled duster or a vacuum hose attachment to get all the debris out of the housing each time you change the filter.

Poor air circulation puts a lot of stress on a furnace, which can shorten its operation life. Contact a furnace maintenance and repair service to ensure your furnace airflow is working at peak capacity.

For more information on furnace maintenance, contact a company near you.


9 December 2021

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