Should You Get A Mini Split Heating System?


Are you looking to add heat to your home or new addition, and not sure about the best way to do it? A mini-split heating system may be your best option. Here are some things to know about mini-split heating systems

Mini Split Systems Can Be Retrofitted

One great reason to use a mini-split heating system is due to how it can be retrofitted into any home. The components are mounted onto the wall, which is then connected to an outdoor compressor that assists with heating the air. There is no need to install ductwork, so the unit can be placed on practically any exterior wall of your home with ease.

Mini Split Systems Are Energy Efficient

You'll make a great choice by selecting a mini-split heating system if you want a heating method that is energy-efficient. Not having ductwork means that no air is lost on the way to the room. The air will not drop off in temperature as it travels through ductwork either. You get the full temperature of the hot air that is produced with very little energy waste. 

Mini Split Systems Are Zone Controlled

Having a mini-split unit in each room of your home means that you are going to have zone controls. This is quite different than a traditional forced-air heating system with ductwork, which heats the entire home or nothing at all. The zone controls allow the system to be even more energy efficient by not heating rooms you do not use and give people individual controls in places like bedrooms and living rooms. 

Mini Split Systems Are Expensive

Be aware that a mini-split heating system is not for those households that are on a tight budget. The cost for the compressors and each individual heating unit can cost just as much money as a traditional forced-air heating system. While there are ways to save money in the long run with zone controls, the initial installation cost will be similar to other forced-air heating solutions. A mini-split system may look like a window air conditioner in some ways, but it is not near that price range. 

Mini Split Systems Provide Cooling

If you are looking to add cooling to your home at the same time as heat, know that a mini-split system offers both heating and cooling modes. You'll get both features in the same unit, so you won't have to install an additional system for cooling purposes. 


6 January 2022

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