Air Conditioning Repair: When To Repair The Expansion Valve


Since your AC has no use for the refrigerant in liquid form, the expansion valve is tasked with converting it into mist as it flows into the evaporator coil, where latent heat from your indoor spaces is absorbed. Aside from converting the refrigerant into mist, the component also regulates how much refrigerant flows into the evaporator coil.

Clearly, the valve plays a crucial role, and if it gets damaged, the air conditioner's operation will be strained. That's why you should commission routine AC inspections and allow air conditioning repair services to keep it in top shape. This article will highlight when to repair the expansion valve.

Warm Indoor Air

Since your AC's sole purpose is to cool your home, you know something is out of order when it starts to blow warm air. If the culprit is a damaged valve, you might want to save for component repair. Ignoring the damage with the hopes that it will calibrate itself only makes the issue more severe. And if the damage gets so bad that the expansion valve cannot regulate the refrigerant or convert it to mist, you'll have to replace the component.

To ascertain that the expansion valve is indeed the root of the problem, your AC technician will conduct an in-depth unit inspection. Assessing the condition of each component allows your technician to determine if there are other components, aside from the expansion valve, that should be repaired as well.

Overworking Compressor

If the expansion valve is out of order, the compressor will keep running due to an unsteady supply of refrigerant. Failure to address the underlying issue can result in compressor damage because it will sustain unnecessary wear over a short period.

And since the compressor is the AC's workhorse, when it sustains severe damage, your unit won't be able to cool your indoor spaces. To keep your AC unit operational, you should repair the damaged expansion valve before it compromises the heart of the equipment.

Inconsistent Air Flow

Another indication that you should repair the valve is inconsistent airflow. If you notice irregular room temperatures across your house, the reason could be that the expansion valve isn't fulfilling its supporting role in the indoor air cooling process. When the refrigerant isn't being converted into mist as it flows into the evaporator coil, it won't absorb latent heat fast enough to keep your indoor spaces cool. Contacting your air conditioning repair technician with your observation ensures that the AC is restored to proper function before the component damage gets out of hand.

If your evaporator coil is damaged, this is your cue to contact air conditioning repair services for component repair.  


1 June 2022

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