4 Signs You Need Commercial AC Repair Service To Fix Compressor Relay Problems


Your commercial AC unit has a fascinating working mechanism. These systems absorb and transfer heat from your commercial building to help ensure you are comfortable during the hot months. However, if any part of the unit fails, the entire system will likely malfunction. Thus, this will compromise the quality of service you get and your overall experience. So, if you suspect you have a faulty compressor or compressor relay, call a commercial AC repair contractor to help fix the problem. 

Generally, when some components of your commercial AC start to fail, you should act fast and seek relevant services. Here are signs that your AC unit will manifest if the compressor relay has a problem.

1. Erratic Cooling

When switched on your AC unit, it should run effortlessly to keep your commercial space cool. However, if you notice that it is running for a short time and then shutting off before attaining the desired temperature levels, the problem is likely that the compressor relay unit is damaged or worn out. That means that the power to the compressor will be limited. Due to this problem, your unit will offer inconsistent cooling.

2. No Cold Air

The function of the relay in the air conditioning unit is to switch the high voltage part on and off. So, if it does not work, the compressor will not function, leading to your commercial AC unit not producing cool air. This can be frustrating, especially if it happens during the hot seasons. 

3. Strange Noise

A common mistake most people make is not bothering with noises coming from the AC unit as long as the machine is producing cold air. However, noises from your cooling unit indicate that the system has a faulty part. Ignoring the problem only makes things worse. One of the causes of strange noises coming from your cooling system is a failing relay. When this device starts to fail, it will strain to work, and in turn, it might produce strange rattling sounds. If you do not take action, the relay will eventually stop working.

4. High Power Consumption

It is important to pay attention to your electric bills so that you can take note of any inconsistencies. If you notice that your power consumption has increased for no apparent reason, the chances are that your relay unit is overworking. When this device starts to overwork, it will consume more power, which might reflect on your utility bills.

The relay in your air conditioning unit might seem like a small component to make any impact. Yet, when it fails, you will experience erratic cooling, hear strange noises, get warm air, and even get high utility bills. But you can avoid this by hiring a commercial AC repair company to fix the relay. That will help ensure that you enjoy optimal temperature levels on your business premises.

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18 July 2022

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