4 Ways Professionals Repair Leaking Air Conditioning Systems


Have you noticed a pool of water near your AC unit? This is a common issue with some cooling systems. However, the unit's energy efficiency and performance could decrease if you don't act on time. Therefore, it is important to call a technician to repair a leaking AC. This piece will highlight some quick fixes that can solve AC leak problems.

1. Drain Pan Replacement 

Over a long period of use, the cooling system's drain pipe might accumulate debris, mold, and dust that clog it. Clogged drain lines prevent water from draining, causing it to overflow and leak out of the unit. Besides, drain pans tend to crack as they age. A cracked drain pan can no longer hold water, causing leaks. The technician will inspect the system for the two issues and recommend replacing the drain pan or unclogging the drain line to stop the system from leaking. If the cracks on the drain pan are minimal, the technician may patch them up instead.

2. Adjusting Refrigerant Levels

The technician will inspect the system to see if the evaporator coils are frozen. If this is the case, the expert might recommend shutting down the system to defrost the coil. But defrosting the system regularly cannot be a sustainable solution. Frozen coils often occur when the freon pressure is too high or too low. After defrosting the system, the technician will check the coolant levels and make relevant adjustments. Readjusting the freon levels might help resolve the leakage problem.   

3. System Re-Installation

If you attempted to install your AC unit, incorrect installation could be the reason behind the leaks. Experts pay attention to all the dimensions and details that ensure excellent AC installation. Professionals allow a slight slope angle during installation to ensure the water flows out through the drain pan.

If you or a DIY enthusiast installed the system inappropriately, the condensate water might remain in the drain pan and overfill. You might want to call a technician to reinstall the system to ensure the water flows out of the unit as designed by the manufacturer.

4. Replacing Old or Loose Tape on the Drain Hose

The technician will connect the drain pan to a hose using adhesive tape during installation. Water drains out of your house through the hose. Over time as it ages or becomes loose, it could start leaking. You might want to call the technician to inspect the problem and replace the relevant components.

Responding to leakage immediately after noticing it might help prevent safety hazards and maintain the cooling unit's efficiency.

Find an AC repair service to assess the performance of your system.


4 August 2022

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