3 Reasons Why Short Cycling Isn't An Air Conditioning Repair Issue To Ignore


Short cycling isn't an easy erratic AC behavior to miss because it's quite unusual. This is especially true if you've had your equipment for a while and know how long it cycles on and off. And while short cycling is less conspicuous than other erratic behaviors like a burning smell or your equipment making loud banging noises, you should call air conditioning repair services as soon as you notice it.

This is an indication of an unknown underlying issue, and it could trigger other damages if left unaddressed over an extended period. Keep reading to learn why ignoring short cycling is a bad idea.

Leads to Higher Energy Consumption

The reason for short cycling is an underlying AC malfunction that's preventing your cooling unit from running long enough to cool your indoor spaces. And since the equipment is designed to attain the temperatures set on your thermostat, it will keep trying to achieve this goal with little success.

What's worse is that the longer your equipment short cycles, the more energy the equipment will consume. So, if you had ignored this erratic behavior hoping that your unit would resume normal operation on its own, you would be shocked by your energy bill at the end of the month. The most surefire way to prevent your home's energy consumption from skyrocketing is to allow heating services to find out why your AC is short cycling.

Prevents Sufficient Indoor Heating

The craziest thing about short cycling is that this vicious cycle will go on for hours, yet your indoor spaces will remain uncomfortable. As long as the air conditioner cannot cycle long enough to draw latent heat out of your home, indoor temperatures will be too high to bear, and humidity levels will make indoor spaces feel stuffy.

The only way to restore indoor comfort is to contact air conditioning repair services and let them get to the root of the problem. Whether the short cycling is due to low refrigerant levels or worn-out air filters, you can trust that the technician will figure this out and provide a lasting solution to the problem.

Causes Compressor Failure

Since the compressor is your air conditioner's powerhouse, it turns on and off at the beginning and the end of each cycle. This means that when your AC equipment is short cycling, this component is excessively being turned on and off. If this continues over an extended period, your compressor could sustain severe damage or break down permanently.

To ensure your AC's operation doesn't stress the compressor, you should contact AC repair services with your observations. The technicians will stop the short cycling before you have to budget for a new compressor.

Is your air conditioner turning on and off more frequently than usual? If so, then contact air conditioning repair services immediately. Local technicians will accurately diagnose the underlying problem and restore normal AC operation.


14 September 2022

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