Surefire Signs Your Air Conditioner Ducts Are Leaking


As a homeowner, you may install an air conditioner that requires ductwork to distribute the conditioned air. Note that once you do this, you must maintain the ducts to ensure proper airflow. More so, minor issues that cause a leak will force the air conditioning unit to overwork and use more power to meet the set cooling requirements. So, as you service your air conditioner, do not forget to examine the ductwork. As they do so, an AC repair expert might notice your air ducts have a leak, meaning they'll require repairs. But how can you know it's time to call the HVAC technician? Here are signs the ductwork is leaking.

The AC Cannot Regulate Indoor Temperatures

Immediately after firing up your air conditioning system, you expect it to start cooling the house. As such, your home should feel more comfortable within a few minutes, depending on the indoor temperature and the settings on the thermostat. So, if the air conditioner runs long without cooling the house, you should know there's an issue. In such a case, chances are that the air ducts are leaking, so the conditioned air isn't reaching designated rooms as expected. This will force the AC to overwork to regulate the temperatures because the cool air is escaping through the leaks.

The Power Bill Increases Suddenly After AC Usage

Although it's normal for your power bills to increase or decrease slightly as you continue to use the air conditioning system, the difference shouldn't be significant. More so, you expect the bills to increase during the hot months. However, if there is a drastic increase in power usage after you start using the air conditioner, it could mean that the unit isn't functioning efficiently. For instance, if the ducts that distribute conditioned air have a leak, the unit will have to run for longer and use more power. In such a case, you should avoid paying your high bills without scheduling an appointment with an HVAC contractor to determine if the ducts are leaking.

The Ducts Are Old

Even if your ducts are made of high-quality material and are cleaned regularly, they will wear out eventually. After a decade or two, you may need to replace them to ensure you don't lose conditioned air via leaks. Usually, the materials deteriorate, leading to minor leaks. While repairs can help fix the problem for a short time, you'll eventually need to replace the entire ductwork to ensure long-lasting results. So, if you have used your ducts for years, get a technician to inspect them and determine if they are due for a replacement. Remember, old ducts can damage the cooling unit components and affect air quality.

Whether the ducts are leaking due to old age or regular damage, work with an AC repair technician to get the best solution to your problem. If the leaks cannot be repaired, you'll need new ducts to restore the unit's efficiency.

For more information about air conditioning repair, contact a local contractor.


28 November 2022

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