How to Find a Local Heating Repair Contractor


How can you find a high-quality local HVAC company for heating repairs? Whether you're new to the area or this is the first time you've had to schedule a home heating system repair or installation appointment, take a look at everything you need to know about finding and selecting an HVAC contractor.

Are All HVAC Contractors the Same?

Simply stated, no. This means you can't just google "HVAC contractors" and call the first company on the search results page. Instead, you will need to do some research. 

A quality HVAC contractor has the knowledge and experience necessary to accurately diagnose problems, repair your system, or install a new heater in your home. Before you start your search, ask yourself:

  • What type of system do you have/want? Some HVAC contractors service and install every type of system, while others may not work with mini split heat pumps, solar heaters, or other specialty options.

  • What type of service do you need? Most contractors offer both repair and installation services along with pre- and post-season checkups/cleanings. Extra options to look for include emergency services or after-hours repairs.

  • What is important to you in a contractor? Do you prefer to work with a company that has years of experience servicing HVAC appliances in your area, or is a new contractor who just opened (but may have extensive training) acceptable?

Make a list of everything you're looking for in a new contractor. While you might not check each item off your list, you can find one company that meets most of your needs.

Where Can You Find an HVAC Contractor?

There are high-quality, experienced, knowledgeable HVAC contractors in every city, town, or area. But this doesn't mean that every person who calls themselves an expert is qualified to work on your home's HVAC system. To find a contractor contact:

  • National and local HVAC associations. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and similar state or local groups provide web-based search tools to help customers find qualified HVAC contractors.

  • Your neighbors. Your neighbors know the area and may have extensive experience with HVAC contractors. Ask for first-person reviews and referrals of local businesses that provide heating (or AC) repairs and replacements.

  • Your friends and co-workers. If you don't know your neighbors or don't feel comfortable asking them for a referral for a heating repair solutions professional, talk to friends or co-workers who live in the area.

Instead of choosing the first contractor a neighbor or friend names, make a list of a few potential options. Contact the contractors and ask about their services, experience, and hours. To learn more about how they operate as a business and the quality of their work, ask the company for recommendations from past or current customers.

Reach out to heating repair services to learn more.


16 December 2022

Shopping For A New HVAC System

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