HVAC Tips For Every Homeowner With A Forced Air System


All too often, homeowners don't think about their HVAC system until something goes wrong. Thankfully, there are HVAC companies you can call for repairs and service when things are going awry. However, you're often better off taking a preventative approach. By taking better care of your HVAC system and simply being more aware of it from the get-go, you can often avoid and minimize issues down the road. Here are some more specific HVAC tips that should come in handy.

Change your air filters more often.

Most forced air systems use one air filter for both the furnace and air conditioner. This filter can get quite dirty, especially if you have pets who shed. Simply changing the filter more often can go a long way toward keeping your HVAC system clean and efficient. Check the filter package to see how often the manufacturers recommend a new one. Some filters need to be changed frequently, while others can be changed less often.

If you're someone who often forgets to buy a new filter and change it out, consider buying a whole stack at once so you have plenty on hand.

Program your thermostat.

Make sure you are using your programmable thermostat to your advantage. In the winter, set the temperature a little lower at night and when you're not home. In the summer, schedule the temperature to rise when you're not at home. This helps reduce the amount of time that your HVAC equipment actually runs, which reduces strain on the system in the long run. It will also help keep your energy bills lower.

Clean your vent covers.

The vent covers tend to attract dust and dirt. If you have pets, then pet hair may also cling to them. If you clean your vent covers, less of this grime will make it into your actual ducts. Start by vacuuming them, and then wipe them clean with a damp cloth. 

Listen for strange sounds.

Pay attention to the sounds that your HVAC system makes when it is running as it should. If you hear any unusual sounds, then don't wait to call an HVAC company right away. Early sounds usually mean a minor issue, and if you have it repaired ASAP, you'll have fewer problems in the long run.

With the tips above, you can take better care of your forced air HVAC system and likely enjoy better operation from it. For more information on HVAC services, contact a professional near you.


9 January 2023

Shopping For A New HVAC System

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