Sure Signs You Should Have Your HVAC System Replaced This Fall


Fall is a great season for HVAC replacement, especially if you plan on having both your air conditioner and furnace replaced at once. It's usually cool enough that you're no longer using your AC, yet warm enough that you can go without heat for a day or two if needed. But how do you know whether your HVAC system needs to be replaced this fall? Here are some key signs to watch for.

Your energy bills have gone up.

As HVAC systems age, they become less efficient. A few parts become worn, which causes more friction that the equipment has to work against. Electrical components may not fire as they should. If you've noticed that your energy bills keep climbing even though you are not using your system any differently, that's a sign you should have your HVAC system replaced this fall. You'll be happy to see more manageable energy bills in the cold of winter.

You've had a lot of repairs made recently.

Do you feel like you keep having to have your HVAC system repaired? Maybe you had your furnace repaired a few times last winter, and then the AC unit needed repairs in the summertime. The cost of repairs can add up quickly. Plus, you don't want your furnace to fail in the winter if you can help it. If you just have the system replaced, you won't have to pay for any more repairs — at least not for a long time — and you can be more confident your home will stay heated all winter.

You're thinking of putting your home on the market.

An old or outdated HVAC system will turn off a lot of buyers. So, if you are thinking of putting your home on the market, you should have your aged HVAC system replaced this fall. This way, if you list the home in the spring, this will be one less thing you need to worry about as you prepare to sell. You'll also be able to tell the buyers that the AC hasn't even been through a summer, which can be a selling point.

If you're in any of the situations above, it is a good idea to have an HVAC company come replace your furnace and air conditioner this fall. 

Reach out to a heating contractor in your area for more information about replacing an old heating and air conditioning system. 


31 July 2023

Shopping For A New HVAC System

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