Air Quality Consequences Of Dirty Air Ducts


If you have dirty air ducts, your central air conditioning may not work as efficiently as it should. Inspecting and cleaning your air ducts is not a do-it-yourself home project, and because of this, you will need to contact an air conditioning maintenance services technician. Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, or HVAC system, can become contaminated with dust, allergens, and debris, which is unhealthy for you and your family.

13 June 2019

3 Things You Must Know Before Buying A New Air Conditioner


Do you have an air conditioner that's on its last legs? Have you been looking at air conditioning units and trying to decide which one to buy? Shopping for an air conditioner can feel strange and confusing, with the various models having mysterious names and numbers to differentiate themselves from other similar models. If you're not an air conditioning professional, you may feel like picking one at random and saying that's what you'll buy.

10 May 2019

When Should You Repair An AC And When Should You Replace It?


Most people struggle to decide whether they should repair or replace their AC units. If you also feel confused, it will be important to involve an air conditioning repair service. Their second opinion may be what you need to finally make up your mind. Don't be surprised to discover that the A/C unit you wanted to replace has plenty of life left. If your air conditioning unit has developed a problem, consider these tips.

27 March 2019

Own a Furnace? Why Maintenance Is Important to Prevent Health Problems


If you own a furnace, it is important to get proper maintenance to ensure it runs properly to keep your home heated well. You may not know, however, that maintenance is also important to prevent health problems for you and your family. To help you understand, here are three ways your furnace can make you sick and your home less comfortable if it goes without maintenance. Cause Humidity Problems If you do not maintain your furnace properly, the humidity inside your home may become much higher.

13 February 2019

How A Storm Can Damage Your Air Conditioner


Storms put your home in danger in a number of ways. One part of your home you may not worry about is the AC. However, a storm can damage your outdoor condenser or send a power surge to your HVAC and damage it too. If a storm with hail or unusually strong winds affects your home, you may want an AC repair technician to check your unit so repairs can be made if needed.

7 January 2019

Is Your Furnace Causing Dry, Stale And Dusty Air? Call The Heating Professionals For These Fixes Fast


Are you dealing with sinus and allergy problems, a dry throat, and itchy skin because the air is so dry in your house throughout the winter? Do you have stale air in the house year round and you don't think that you have any airflow? If so, you want to talk with an HVAC expert about these things. Actuator Machine An actuator machine will help to move air from outside of the home to the inside.

30 November 2018

The Furnace That Became a Machine Gun: What Is Wrong, and How to Fix It


Rat-a-tat-tat! What is that noise coming from the basement? If it is your furnace, you have a serious problem! When your furnace suddenly turns into a machine gun, it is not a Transformer, to be sure. It is an appliance that is in serious need of repair. Do not allow the rapid firing noise to continue, as it can cause even more damage than what is currently wrong with your furnace.

18 October 2018