Should You Get A Mini Split Heating System?


Are you looking to add heat to your home or new addition, and not sure about the best way to do it? A mini-split heating system may be your best option. Here are some things to know about mini-split heating systems.  Mini Split Systems Can Be Retrofitted One great reason to use a mini-split heating system is due to how it can be retrofitted into any home. The components are mounted onto the wall, which is then connected to an outdoor compressor that assists with heating the air.

6 January 2022

3 Factors That Restrict Furnace Air Circulation


Good air circulation throughout the system is a basic requirement for a properly operating furnace. Not only must the furnace be able to blow warm air into your home unobstructed, but it must also be able to pull in fresh air so that it can be heated and circulated through the system. There are four common factors that lead to restricted airflow, which can compromise your home's heating and lead to maintenance issues with your furnace.

9 December 2021

Your Heating Maintenance Questions Answered


It's easy to ignore your HVAC system until something goes wrong. However, to prevent breakdowns at peak times, you should have your system regularly maintained by a professional. If you would like to know more, check out these four heating maintenance questions. 1. When and How Often Should the System Be Serviced? If your system only consists of heating, you only need to worry about getting it serviced once a year.

10 November 2021

An Introduction To Furnace Flame Sensor Repair


HVAC equipment is complex, and homeowners can't be expected to understand every component inside their furnace and air conditioner. However, learning about your furnace flame sensor will help you keep your furnace running safely. This introduction to furnace flame sensors will help you identify and fix a faulty flame sensor in your own furnace. What is a Furnace Flame Sensor? The flame sensor is a safety component on the burner assembly inside your furnace.

14 October 2021

3 Signs You Need Residential Boiler Repair


While boilers are built to last a long time, after years of use, you're bound to face residential boiler repair issues. And being quick to react to these problems is what improves the longevity of your equipment. As a homeowner, you should always be aware of your boiler's condition so that repair issues don't worsen without your knowledge. Taking note of operational irregularities and contacting your boiler repair technician also ensures the equipment doesn't pose a potential safety hazard at your residence.

20 September 2021

Ways To Make Electrical Repair Go Smoothly


If your home's electrical system requires repairs, you'll want to call a contractor out to diagnose and repair the problem. Cooperating with the contractor is important to ensure the job gets done in a relatively quick and painless manner. Here are some things you can do to help the repair go smoothly. 1. Provide access to work areas If you know where the problem is located or at least have a good idea about where the issue is likely to originate, start by making sure your electrician will be able to access that area easily.

25 August 2021

How To Ensure You're Getting Exceptional Air Conditioning Installation


Investing in a brand new air conditioning system is good, but the real challenge comes when it's time to install it. Your air conditioning unit might be one of the best, but if you can't get someone to install it properly, it won't work as expected.  The installation process is quite critical, and a single mistake can mess everything. Try everything possible to ensure you get an accurate air conditioning installation.

8 July 2021

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Air Conditioning Company


Irrespective of how careful you are, air conditioner issues will always pop up. It could be a duct that is blocked or a clogged filter. The Do It Yourself culture has become predominant thanks to the endless tutorials and instructional videos available on the internet. It is tempting to try fixing your air conditioning unit to save on cost before consulting the professionals with all these resources available. No doubt, being able to complete a project independently feels great.

8 July 2021

AC Repair: 4 Signs Your AC Needs Evaporator Coil Repair


The evaporator coil circulates the refrigerant in your AC unit. The refrigerant absorbs the heat in the warm air from the house and flows to the outside unit. If there's a refrigerant leak in the evaporator coil, the cooling process doesn't occur or it's ineffective. Evaporator coil leak requires urgent AC repairs to avoid energy loss, enhance comfort, and prevent harmful refrigerant gas in the indoor air. Here are signs that your AC requires evaporator coil repairs.

11 June 2021

How To Handle Three Common AC Issues On Your Own


Staying cool when it is hot outside is essential for your overall health, which is why it can be useful to know how to troubleshoot three common air conditioning repair issues on your own. With these tips, you will be able to determine if you can fix the issue yourself or if you are going to need to call in a professional to get the cool air flowing again. Issue #1: Air Isn't Cool Enough

17 May 2021